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can u use regular lumber to make wood floors? Answered

I have pine stairs that were originally covered with carpet..we scratched on the idea of recarpetting, sanded and stained the pine..They look great, like they have been there for centuries...this makes me want to buy some lumber and make my own wood floors...dont know if it would expand and contract or what kind of lumber to use...might go check a lumber yard....my bedrooms are pretty small....hoping this is possible....



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you're thinking of just buying some yellow pine dimensional lumber and nail it to an existing floor, the answer is you can, but you're going to have one he** of a mess.
First, to minimize shinkage, warping and cupping, flooring planks must be dried to a moisture content of around 7%. Dimensional lumber is usually around 10 or 11%. After reaching the desired moisture content the planks must be dressed for straightness and flatness. Then, you must mill the edges so they hide the nails and overlap. Otherwise, when the planks shrink or swell, you will get either open gaps or buckled flooring.
Do yourself a favor, and don't even attempt doing this unless you know exactly how to do it before starting.
Read up on installing flooring and make your decisions after you have some knowledge about what it entails.

i was wondering what you guys think of this: http://nooshkids.blogspot.ca/2011/04/cheap-flooring-diy-idea.html

My Son-in-law and my daughter have an small acreage.  They had several large fir trees which they cut down.  These were cut into appropriate lengths, and they had a portable sawmill broought in to cut the logs into lumber.  They then hauled the sawed lumber to a planing mill, where it was planed and  and had the tongue and grove edges made.  It was then dried in a regular lumber kiln.  The installer that laid the flooring said it was some of the best flooring he had ever seen.

So yes, you can use regular lumber for laying wood floors.

I have also taken flooring out of an old house and had it planed.  I laid the floor myself, with the help of my two daughters..  The secret is in the application.  If you fight to get a nice tight joint, you end up with a nice floor..  If you get careless and accept a fit as OH! That's good enough.  You end up with a floor that look like OH that's good enough, but the cracks definately show up wider.    ASK ME HOW I KNOW THIS......My first two rooms still look excellent, the third in our kitchen, just doesn't look that great.  They have now been down about 15 years.

Have fun..

Sure, Why not ? If you use a decent tongue and groove board, you'll get a pretty nice result. You'll have to open the boards out and let them acclimatise to your rooms for a few days, before you fit them, and they'll shrink and expand like any wooden floor, but its a very common thing to do here in the UK, and the results look OK. Its nothing like as hardwearing as a hardwood or engineered wood floor though, so no high heels !

Absolutely perfect answer.  THis is exactly what we did in our last house.  Let the wood aclimatise in the house where it is going to be installed and you will have no problems.  THe only thing I would correct is the high heels.  They will only add character to the floor and they look soo good on the ladies!