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can usb port on Dell Latitude CPx laptop be replaced/repaired? Answered



Possibly. Take it to a computer repair shop and they should be able to ship it to a laptop repair company that specializes in repairing laptop mother boards. Prepared to spend $200+/-

good god no, the computer repair shop should be able to do it. they have (or at least i like to think they have) the equipment and know-how. i have physicly seen with my own eyes a laptop taken apart, with dry joints for the power being resoldered. i have seen an RS-232 port being replaced, and as is relevent, a USB port being changed. Yes it needs care, and yes it needs experience. but should need alot of money.

what's broken? is the port physically damaged or is the motherboard not-working?

The port is physically damaged. The plastic piece broke and the contacts bent inwards. I haven't tried to disassemble it, I wanted to see if it was even possible to replace before going to the trouble. Thanks for replying!

you can replace it, just buy a $2 usb extension cord, take the laptop apart, de-solder the port, re solder it