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can we avoid the usage of a differential in an automobile? Answered

i wanted to know can some how avoid the usage of a differential in an automobile?


In all honestly your best bet is to weld it together - BUT why - it's there for a purpose and disabling it will create other issues.

Sure, just use one driven wheel (like a motorcycle or a single rear wheel trike) or only go in a strait line. Or deal with only one wheel having power (nasty if you get stuck) which is how many of the low end go-karts work. A differential makes both wheels on an axle maintain power if (when) one wheel slips or needs to go faster/slower (like on corners).

"...makes an axle maintain power..." You're right about the 'faster/slower' part - but A differential does exactly the opposite - when one wheel slips, that wheel takes all the power away (hence how you get stuck if you are high centered and one wheel can spin freely) A Limited Slip Differential, Locked Differential, or Traction Control (relies on using brakes on spinning wheel) maintains power on both wheels.

Srujithcool: You do know that locking the hub will chew your tires to pieces every time you turn a corner, right?

Yes, just use a single axle. They won't work as well around corners but they'll still go. L

As lemonie says....it's also called a locked differential and is often used by the amateur drag-racing crowd for straight line runs.

You illustrate it nicely with drag racing, I hadn't thought of that. L

ty... when I was growing up, my neighbors on both sides (inner ring suburb...) were into drag racing, so I learned it by osmosis.. :)

lol! yes, the good and the bad... they were a year older than me and leaning towards the trades, whereas my parents pushed me into academics (likely due to my scores on proficiency tests). But we played together as kids, so although we were starting to grow apart, there was still that comrade quality of closely aged next door neighbors. The noise could be annoying, but when you're young, imo, it's just not as irritating as when you hit 30-40 or older.

Mmm, I like big engines though... L

ok... I'm not so much of an engine guy m'self, at least not the kind they put in cars. Gotta protect the hearing for musica de la musica. Although I have to admit that the power of a big fat jet engine is something to behold, whether driving an airframe or pushing a funny car.

Yes, that's it. Big engines of the size that they could quite easily kill you with minimal effect upon output. The MAN 48/60, RR Trent series, or even the olde-fashioned Bristol Hercules....


Several early cars had chain drive. Like a gocart. Either driving a single wheel or both wheel thru a live axle that drove both rear wheels.

No. You can synthesise the function in an electric vehicle, but you fundamentally have to have one if you have a single power plant, whether it appears as a lump between the wheels or its in the main gearbox.