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can we send analog signal using bluetooth without converting to digital signal? Answered

i wanted to attach bluetooth to lvdt sensor.  output of that lvdt is sine wave . that signal is given to bluetooth , is it possible to send sine wave using bluetooth without converting into digital form?


If its an LVDT, I'd get a DC signal out of a demodulator, and then pass it to some kind of BT interface. The information in the AC signal is both phase and amplitude, which you won't be able to preserve in the conversion process otherwise.

By far the simplest thing to do it to simply use an ADC, and stuff it out through an SP profile on BT.

Nope, you'll need to convert the signal prior to feeding it into the bluetooth stream

Inn fact, you'd want to strip off the sine carrier prior to conversion, afaik.

I suspect its possible with the headset profile, and the right equipment.


No, Bluetooth is a digital format, the hardware is digital.



6 years ago

No, but you can check this link yourself.
Section 32.4.5 RFCOMM Protocol  talks about
similarities to RS232 serial communications.