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can we use any ic as a switch if yes then how ? Answered

i want switching witha ic




2 years ago

You can use these IC as switches and control DC, AC as shown.

bb.jpgSSRFET1.pngOPTOISO-Triac-Triac-sw.JPGOPTOISO Isw.jpgOPTOISO -sw.jpg

Hope u understand a micro or some kind of sensor replaces the push switch...

You can use a transistor . A transistor works like a switch. or you can also use amplifier ic .

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yes, by designing a circuit to use them. There are many choices.

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I know this is not going to be of little help, but yes and no.

All logic ICs are switches, a OPamp is an IC and depending on how you wire it rail to rail it can act like a switch.

However you are asking for circuits that number in the millions.

So what IC do you want to use?

Do you mean to use it as a relay?

i suggest you use a switching transistor or MOSFET...its a far easy to use and cheap too..it can also handle range of voltages and currents


2 years ago

If you just trying to control power to something small, most any transistor will do the job, but if you want to switch an analog signal to something, a FET, analog switch, MUX, or in some cases, a relay is needed.

MOSFETs can be used in some cases for passing or isolating signals since they sorta-kinda act like electrically variable resistors, but realistically they have a few serious limitations because of the body diode and stuff for passing signals between the source and drain. I have a few TL601 and TL604 chips, which are quite nice but have a pretty high ON resistance.

For strictly AC signals, even simple DIODES can be used! You just capacitively couple the signal to the diode, so it looks like

-----| |----->|------| |------

and by applying a DC offset voltage to the diode, you can control the AC signal. W2AEW has a good video about this.

You usually use a transistor as a solidstate switch. If you're switching AC, you can use a thyristor or triac.