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can we use hydrogen as a fuel in a 4-s, S.I Engine? Answered


Yes, you can run hydrogen on it.  Hydrogen can be used on ANY gas or diesel motor.
There are only a few setbacks to it, but if you can overcome those you will be very pleased with it AND be able to run your engine on straight HHO.
The setbacks are:  Industrial type ceramic coating for your pistons, stainless steel for your push rods, stainless steel exhaust.  Without these updates you will rust out your engine and exhaust!
Additionally, if your US-made vehicle is older newer than 1978 (post-emissions controls) then you will have to adapt your engine controls so that additional gas or diesel is not added to the intake by the vehicle's computer!
(There is also a risk of having to face an EPA judge for tampering with emissions controls...possibly federal charges)  The good part about the legality of it is that if you do have to go to court over it, you can easily prove that your only waste by-product is purified water.  Otherwise there are zero pollutants, your engine will run quieter, you will have no need for the new gas industry "hydrogen fuelling stations!" and you will extend your engine's lifespan.
To circumvent certain emissions controls, run a google search for "EFIE".  There is a newer version out that is much easier to install and operate, but I have not looked into it as yet.  (My vehicle currently runs on hydrogen even though it was not designed to by the manufacturer and is over a decade old.)  :P
I cannot stress this enough:  When converting your vehicle to run HHO DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Not only are advances being made continuously, but an incorrect installation could result in being injured by broken glass.
Most fears surrounding HHO are that you would be driving a nuclear weapon or that it is dangerous.  Although Hydrogen has over ten times the ignition rate of gasoline, with many DIY plans online there is no hydrogen storage...what is made gets used immediately...hydrogen on demand.  Even if your car were to get in a nasty wreck and a fire was involved, the amount of hydrogen that would be available to "detonate" would be contained in the 1/4" plastic tube leaving the system going into the engine intake.  Basically, just enough hydrogen to unseat the hose from the hydrogen generator and make a faint "poof" sound.
Hydrogen is safe and easy!
Get out there and save yourself some money by converting your vehicle today!
You will be glad you did!

How do you do this with a diesel? (Interested)
Also where are you getting your hydrogen, and how do you store it?


Lemonie, I apologize for the delayed response.
www.Water4gas.com has information on adding hydrogen as a supplement to diesel (as demonstrated in an 18-wheeler) and on www.youtube.com a search for "silverback" hydrogen demonstrates it's addition to a heavy hauling truck.
I am not sure of the technicalities in using propane with diesel, but I do know that hydrogen can be inserted directly into the intake of either gas or diesel through the air intake without a problem.
Also, in the systems I have knowledge of and currently use, there is no need for storage of the produced hydrogen as it is used on demand, and turned off with the key switch of the vehicle, like any other fuel source.
Read this and learn from it:  You can easily make hydrogen for your home or car.  Shell oil and others would claim that you have to go to their "hydrogen fueling stations" http://www.shell.com/home/content/media/news_and_library/press_releases/2006/hydrogen_mediarelease_29062006.html
Don't be fooled by Shell or others.  They would make you believe you can only get hydrogen from a fuelling station because they are concerned about losing profits from lower oil/fuel sales.
I don't profess to be the most knowledgeable on this subject, but I am currently running several variations of hydrogen at home and on my gas vehicle, with constant testing and improvements.  The key thing I want to get out to others is that we are smarter than we give ourselves credit for, and certainly smarter than some companies want us to be.  Make a difference.  Don't be part of the herd!

You're saying electrolysis and no storage?


That is correct...it can be made on demand only and turned off with the engine.  There is no need for storage as you feed it directly into the air intake...preferrably on the backside of the Mass air Flow Sensor  ;)

I have been using hydrogen as a  supplement for almost 2 years now, feeding it directly into the air intake, and disengaging it when the motor is turned off.  No special tricks to start it up again, just turn the key and crank the ignition....it begins the electrolysis immediately.

One sidenote I would recommend on this...you would get more use of the hydrogen/oxygen mixture (Brown's Gas) by adding a venturi into the air intake hose where the hydrogen is ported in.  The increase in vaccuum will produce a greater flow from the electrolysis chamber and provide more power to your motor.  ;)

You can boost a diesel with gas addition - its done with propane usually, but you can't RUN on hydrogen in a diesel. Propane injection works very well apparently, and you need to add very little - there's always someone selling systems at the Landrover shows we go to.


What effect does propane addition have, is it continuous or just when it best suits?


The systems I have seen keep a constant partial pressure in the inlet manifold. The power or MPG can improve by 20%.


That would be MPG(diesel) excluding gas consumption?


Propane enrichment takes VERY little gas - a "barbeque" sized cylinder lasts for many tankfuls.

I must look it up, probably some interesting combustion chemistry, thanks for mentioning it.


oh sir thanx 4 ur valuable remarks!
sir can u please explain me some more about that? i.e
what & how to do so?

There are quite a few websites dedicated to hydrogen conversions, but you must be careful which one you decide to use.  The first hydrogen system we installed was from 316L Wire, double-wrapped in mason jars.  We had quite a bit of production from these, however the stainless steel wires created a form of toxic poison that is not safe to dispose of in your local water disposal system.
Check out youtube for "Klein" and Hydrogen, also look for "silverback" hydrogen.  The ones that seem to produce the greatest volume of hydrogen are the ones that involve direct current (not PWM) and/or resonance in the metals used.  Another source to investigate would be http://panaceauniversity.org
I attempted to compile some research for Lemonie concerning diesel installations but was only able to locate information from www.water4gas.com in which there is an 18-wheeler using hydrogen as a fuel supplement.
If you really want to improve your mileage with a diesel, try buying a Ford Econetic!  It gets 70 mpg from the factory!  Add hydrogen to that and you have better mileage than you can get from a Harley!
I do hope this information helps.  I have been swamped with work and projects for the last few weeks.  Love the threads guys!  Keep the energy revolution coming!


8 years ago

Not without extensive modifications...

Sorry to sound ignorant, but what is a 4-s, S.I Engine. A four cylinder, fuel injected type?

.  Whew! I thought I might be the only one that didn't understand.

SI stands for spark ignition (as opposed to CI - Compression ignition). I'm assuming that 4-s means 4 stroke. Not a clue about whether hydrogen is a good choice for this type of engine, though.