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can you add more channels to a radio control system? Answered

i have a small , cheap (you know, the ones you find at a toy store) remote control car and want to add more control channels to it. can you even do that and if so , how?


There are two ways to do this:
1 broadcast on different frequencies, which equivalent to getting another RC transmitter & receiver.
2 remodulate the existing signal to include more data-channels, and reconfigure the receiver to decode them. This means rebuilding the RC pair, or just using a different one that does the job you want.
Effectively "No", but technically "yes" if you use most of the parts in building something new.


how , exactaly would you do that? maybe you could post an instructable?

I was talking theory, you could use two separate RC units for number 1. For 2 it's beyond my experience and probably yours, that was making a point.


#2 was my best thought. "Left, Right, Backward and the headlights turn on", to take an example of overloading additional operations into a limited set of controls. Or send something like morse code over one of the channels (see the "knock lock" instructable for one approach to decoding that).

But you're not really adding another channel you are just encoding and decoding the ones he has already.

True, but for "a toy" that might do what he needs. Since the answer is "not really", the question is whether we can address the question behind the question....

(It always helps to provide context for this sort of question -- describe what you want those channels to do -- so folks can suggest alternatives. That also applies to dealing with repair shops, engineers, artists... just about anyone, actually, unless you really do know exactly what you want them to do and how you want them to do it.)

well, i need three extra channels, and i need 2 bi derectional ,and one unidirectional channel. the 2 bi directional ones will control the tank turret left and right, and gun up and down. the mono directional one would control the firing mechanism.

No.  Not without completely redesigning the system.

again , it is a toy. and i really did not want to hear that. aw well