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can you build front suspension for mnt bike? Answered

i dont want to buy a new fork cause i know those are never cheaper than 170. i want to know how to make your own front suspension for a mnt bike


www.chopperhandbook.com is about making frames and front suspensions for motorcycles , but most of what you can do with a motorcycle will work for bicycle if you massage it a little !

This would be verry hard to do and the difuculity depends on what you use the bike for. Personally I would just buy a set beacuse with a homebuilt pair there will be issues like getting oil reload. shocks are alot more complex that a spring in a tube.

My bet is that to make a reliable system isn't going to be worth the effort/cost. One off construction tends to cost more then the bought version.

In addition you will no doubt want something that isn't going to face plant you in the nearest tree - That may be hard to achieve with any certainty.

The question is do you have the welding equipment and the skills to use it to make your own forks? If not then buying a new set or salvaging a set from an older or junked bike is your best bet.


Knowing "how" and having the means and ability aren't necessarily the same thing. I agree with mpilchfamily, look at salvaging parts from other bikes if cost is a factor.