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can you crash a copmuter by running:@echo off:1start *.* goto 1? Answered



Also, a 1 line script that replaces the ol' fork bomb is this:

for /L %i in (0,0,0) do start

It is a lot better than the other solutions (better as in to look at, not performance. Although I do believe it is quicker because of the less lines to process).

Yes, that batch file can crash your computer by using up all the memory BUT, when you restart it will be fine.

.  Not really. It might get real busy and steal processor time from everything else, but ctrl-c should dump you back to DOS.

.  Yep. Just tried it. You have to ctrl-c between can't-find-file dialogs.

personal favourite is the local network ping DOS DOS (get it?)

inside boom.bat:::::

start boom.bat
ping [target] -t -l 1000  (continuously and 1000 bytes per packet)

opens a new window copy of itself.  Very annoying.  Crashes the local machine (runs out of processes, and you have to kill them individually), and they tie up all the network.


LOL copmuter.
I guess i really was tired!

No. At most you'll tie up that one command-line session until someone kills the loop, which is pretty trivial to do.

What's a "copmuter"?  Something to quieten law enforcement personell?