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can you kill lice w/ proxcide ? Answered

i just need to know if you can get rid of lice w/ proxcide .




9 years ago

Head lice ,try hitting them with a hammer


9 years ago

If you are talking about human head lice, hair conditioner has had success in Australia.

Put this thickly on the hair, and then comb section by section with a lice comb (very fine 'teeth'). Each time you comb through, wipe the result on a wad of kitchen towel.

Then wash the hair thoroughly.

You MUST repeat this process a few days later, and again-until all the lice are eliminated. Repetition ensures the hatched eggs are removed.

If there are infected 'heads' in your school?/workplace? infection can easily occur again.

But this method works.

(Don't share combs/towels/headrests).

After researching a few websites which offered varying degrees of hocus-pocus 'remedies' I think i found somewhere that will answer all your questions here.

"...the most effective treatment that doesn't involve using any products at all simply involves removing the nits and live lice with a lice comb and/or tweezers."
"...Ulesfia (Benzyl Alcohol Lotion 5%) {is} a non-pesticide prescription treatment for head lice. Ulesfia can be applied to the hair of children over 6 months of age with head lice until it is saturated, washed off after 10 minutes, and then reapplied 7 days later...Ulesfia is thought to work by blocking the louses respiratory spiracles, thereby suffocating them."

"You shouldn't use dog shampoo on your child! Although they have some similar ingredients {to commercial products}, you still shouldn't use a shampoo that is produced for your dog on your child..."

You're assuming these are human head-lice. Which they probably are... L

Why was I thinking that first, and why did you think I was thinking that first...? L

I assume you wouldn't want to kill the wood louse (aka pill bug or roly-poly), and I don't know many other uses of the word. Also because I suspect that some people who would never treat a dog with anything but the finest products of happy organic plants would eagerly douse themselves with pool oxidizer. But questioning assumptions is a good exercise, ever now and then.

First take a look the the treatment section in this review of the current medical literature on head lice. Important treatments are pediculocide treatments (spaced a week apart) and the thorough daily use of a louse comb.


If you were curious about silicone oil treatment:

Hot air applied to the scalp for half an hour was one experimental treatment found to be a good companion to the pediculocide and comb:

Attempting to suffocate the lice with things like petroleum jelly requires a significant investment of effort. Here is some information on other home remedies that will not work, or will not work as well as advertised: