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can you make a good itouch stylus out of a plain aluminum rod ? Answered

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Best Answer 9 years ago

You can make it... But...The problem with aluminum is that unless you have a really good finish you can scratch the screen and to get a really good shine you will need an ultrasonic machine to get it to be as shiny as can be . You can still ruin the shine so easy if you drop it or something ,then scratch and regret it later on. Plastic maybe the safest way. Now if you have a plastic removable screen then at least you can replace them if you damage it. But be very careful. I work allot with metals and plastics. If its strength that you want maybe inserting a thin rod in the plastic (just enough before it reaches the tip)will help make it stronger. Hope this answers your question. =)

While your response helped me greatly I must ask if you were aware that the itouch uses a electrostatic counter

aluminium, while strong-ish, is useless for the tip, so if i were you, id make the body out of aluminium, but the tip  out of plastic (easy if you've got some sandpaper and some fine hot glue, just make a blob at the tip and file it down!)

maybe the hard part is getting the end of the tip round so that it does not scratch the screen