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can you make two electromagnets attract? Answered

just wondering. because they are like permanent magnets when used right? and can you make them repel? cause that would be a cool point maglev system


electromagnets are just inductive devices that create magnetism from electricity. If there is a way to do it with normal magnets (which there is) there is a way to do it with electromagnets Just connect the two with opposite polarities... and it should work

Okay. An electromagnet produces a magnetic field a paricular polarity using a coil of wire. When the wire is coiled in the opposite direction, (check to see if this works) a magnetic field of the opposite polarity is produced.


9 years ago

If your electro magnet uses AC, then the answer is yes.

DOH!!! Sorry typo there, I means if your electro magnet uses DC. An electro magnet with DC has a + side and a - side just like a normal magnet, and the + and - depends on how you plug the battery. So if you build identical 2 electro magnets and reverse the voltage on one of them, the + of one will always stick to the - of the other.

thanks so much! so does it take twice as much effort to pull the two electromagnets apart? or does it depend on the mass of ferromagnetic core per magnet?