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can you please tell me how to make an electric motor car for kids ? Answered

i wanted to build a toy car for my kid . So can you please suggest me the steps to make an electric motor car for kids ?


Use a cordless drill as the power source. Readily available and quite cheap with built in speed controller, torque settings and a recharger. I used one on a kart for my kids I built in an afternoon. Parts came from an old bike, simple wooden frame, wheelbarrow wheels on the front and two 16" bike wheels on the back. The drill was attached to a deraileur sprocket by chain to the old bike chainset on a shaft axle. The old handlebars steered the kart and the brake levers controlled the speed and a crude caliper brake on the back wheel to stop. Not very fast but the kids loved it!

An easy way is to start with an electric wheel-chair, but that's not so easily done (finding a spare one). SpaceShipOne is quite right, but what have you got, and what could you get (parts)?


You will need a motor with a decent amount of HP and torque. Since you will probably want to go slowly in this car, a gearbox will give you added torque and reduce the speed. You will need a sealed lead acid battery (no car batteries due to the dangers of spilled acid) and some sort of motor controller. The frame you could probably build yourself. An easy way to get most of the electronics would be to acquire an electric scooter, which has the motor, batteries, speed controller and all they necessary wiring. Just pull all the components and fit them into your car.