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can you replace xbox philip laser with a normal dvd laser? Answered

i dont konw if u can replace your xbox laser lens with a normal dvd laser.


if you were to do that the system most likely would not read youre disk(s) because the laser on the xbox is meant to read the variety of codes ranging from hd movies to games,it would be like putting a play station game in an xbox,it would no longer identify

I seriously doubt simply changing the laser module in an optical drive is going to do anything meaningful. It'll probably just cause the drive not to work. Different lasers also need different voltages, so you may end up just burning out your new laser. Why would you want to do this? What are you trying to accomplish?

i wouldn't try it buy an official one

No. Just like a PS2 laser, the device is a specific circuit and design (focal length) for the xbox.