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can you use a proto/breadboard to make an ARDUINO? Answered

simple as the header says. can you make an Arduino mini computer(First picture) from the various necessary components, and a solderless proto/breadboard?(Second Picture)


You can rather easily create a breadboard Arduino 'clone'. Although it would have all ofthe same performanc and function of an arduino, it would not have the same form, so it would not take the 'shields' that the arduino does (lthe holes on the breadboard don't line up with the pins on the shields, unless you bend the pins on the shield as some people do!)

Check out: https://www.instructables.com/id/Assembling-the-Really-Bare-Bones-Board-RBBB-Ardu/

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ok, thanks for that link, but i want something that i can hook up to my desktop or laptop using a USB connector cord

Don't be so quick to dismiss the obvious.
The serial connector can be transmuted through a simple converter to USB
Even looked it up for U.


i know there are serial ports to USB adapters, i spent quite a bit of time looking them up when i was (Come to think of it i still AM ) shopping for either a new joystick/GamePad for my PC. i simply want it to be th simplest, cheapest to make Arduino i can find.


Why does it seem that iceng is almost always giving answers to my questions? (No offense

None taken, I can avoid answering you if ask.
Random chance when we surf is my guess.

no, never mind, just curious

For inexpensive Arduino-like functionality I use the Ardweeny for $10 (USD). You will need an inexpensive USB to Serial (TTL) for programming it. I purchased mine for the full $15 but I know others who use a cheaper variety. Just check Ebay - and be sure the check the 3.3v vs. 5v and the pin outs as a few had slightly different pinouts.

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ok, can you give me a basic rundown of how?