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can you use degreaser to clean a carburetor? Answered

title says basically everything, the degreaser is non flammable though i dont know if that matters but anyways yeah, thats it 


I sometimes use degreaser followed by methylated spirit to remove the residue.

De-greaser is usually "heavier" than carb'-cleaner, it'll leave some oily residue behind.
Whether you can actually use it is something which you could find out by trying it.


Pretty much all carb cleaners are solvents, either petroleum or ether based. I've used citrus cleaner and Simple Green to clean carb bowls on lawn mower engines ( both Brigs and Tecumseh ). I wouldn't use an acid based one like Purple Power, it is a great cleaner to be sure, it just reacts badly to aluminium and it's alloys. Personally, I use Berkebile 2+2 as a general in and out carb cleaner. It's cheap, easy to find, and works great when the carb is both off the engine and on as it is combustible and dries quickly. WEAR GLOVES when working with this stuff, it is a potent cleaner that attacks varnishes and oils, both the ones from an engine and the ones from your skin.


6 years ago

Not knowing if it is a machine like Gunk or a food degreaser.

Yes..... as long as it leaves no film to clog tiny passages.