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can you use regular electric guitar strings on an acoustic with a pickup? Answered




Only if its a steel string. If it a Nylon (classical) guitar, you may break the bridge as well as other stuff. -Buster


9 years ago

If it's a steel-string acoustic, yep. If it's a nylon-string classical guitar, no. They aren't designed for the tension of steel strings.

If it's a coil pickup, like that found in electric guitars: The steel (electric) strings will work the best, followed by the acoustic strings. Nylon strings aren't going to do you any good here. The next kind is more likely, especially if you made the pickup yourself. If it's an embedded microphone or a piezo pickup: Pick any strings you like, even nylon and try it out. You'll find that each type has it's benefits and downsides.

thanks for the info

. I've done it and it works well. . As a rule of thumb, electric strings are lighter gauge than acoustic strings and will have a "brighter" sound, but you can get "heavy" electric and "light" acoustic strings - a lot of overlap. Through the pickup, they will sound a little different than the same strings on an electric. With all the variations in strings of different styles/weights/manufacturers/&c;, if you have to ask, it won't make any difference.

Similar to Xellers if you're using pickups you need steel strings, they're part of the pickup technology. The acoustic sound will be different, but acceptable.


I believe that you can. The pickup will still register the vibrations of the strings because they are still made out of metal, and the vibrations of the strings should also be good enough to take advantage of the guitar's acoustics. It will work.