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can you use teflon tool spray as a release? Answered

i use dupont teflon high heat friction release nonstick dry spray on my tool parts like drill bits saw blades and router bit to keep wood sap from building up and reduce heat and improve cutting and can you line the mold walls with waxpaper or parchment

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-02-09

Hi GrizzlyB1,

I am not familiar with that dupont product and can't be sure that it wouldn't react in a negative way with the mold material, so I cannot recommend using it.

If you'd like to explore it further, I would ask the all knowing internet to see if anyone has had experience using it as a mold release. Be sure to get confirmation that it's been used with the exact material you plan on using to make your mold before trying it.

I guess in theory, wax paper would work as a mold release for the walls, but it would be far more time consuming and finicky to carefully cut and tape the paper onto the inside of the walls than using a spray on version and you would still have to apply some sort of release to the model (paper would not work for that), so I would say, just stick to the releases I recommend in Lesson 2. They will save you time!!


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