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cant connect to home wifi? Answered

i have a sony vaio laptop (vpc226fm) running windows 7 with bitdeffender. my isp is frontier fios
 its always worked great for me until 3  days ago. now it wont connect to my router and when it does connect it says limited access or no internet access. all other devices connect fine(except my dads identical vaio). my network gadget said ext ip: status 12007. i can connect to other networks(theres an unsecured linksys in range) but god its slow. ive tried resetting my router several time as well as resetting the ont box in my garage.



I had this problem before. their can be two reasons this problem. one, its the router or two, the computer. I'm going to guess that its the computer cause you said you dad's computer (same model) doesn't work but other devices do. When I run into this problem i will retry to connect, if it does't work i will "forget this network" and re-enter the password and trying again. if that doesn't work reset you router if it still doen't work ask and real expert.

i have nothing has worked yet. i was hoping to get a networking expert to help me.

Try searching for the pages upon pages of responses to this very question.