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can't find metal rings for DIY steampunk goggles. help~ Answered

i've read god knows how many tutorials on making steampunk goggles, and i've got it down pat. i really want to start making my own, but i can't find metal rings for the lenses. i'd really like to use real metal rather than other stuff (plastic, cardboard) painted with metallic paint.

srsly, i've looked around. mason jars can be used, but i can't find them. i've also been told that threaded couplings are good but they look more like tubes rather than rings.

what do you think i should use? maybe you guys could try and help name some motorcycle / car / plumbing parts that you think are suitable. i'd like something that looks as heavy-duty as the rings on these:

maybe if i knew what part EXACTLY i'm looking for, maybe it'd be easier for me to look. seriously i'm an idiot when it comes to this; i've only found out what a "threaded coupling" looks like recently. also we don't have hobby lobby or any of your fabulous hobby stores here, so yeah.

i'm also an idiot when it comes to cutting metal parts, so maybe suggest parts that don't need much prep. thanks!



Best Answer 7 years ago

Take a trip to your local hardware/plumbing supply store and take a look at under sink p-trap fittings. Look for a coupling fiittiing like the one in the attached picture. They're usually 1 1/2 inches in diameter and you can get them in PVC, ABS, brass or chrome plated brass.

p-trap fittings.png

oh that's perfect. yes i've been looking for something like those! thank you!

These have a nice touch in the flats around the edges.

$10 says you get clocked in the nose with something that heavy with flimsy supports.  You can get it to look cool for a picture, but then it's all downhill from there.

You can find mason jars (aka Ball jars) at grocery stores, Big Lots, farm supply stores, garden centers, Lowe's, dollar stores, etc.  They're just about everywhere, but just in case, call a few and ask if they carry mason jars.

If you decide to use a plumbing part, buy PVC and use a chrome (or brass) vinyl dye such as VHT.  Seriously, it's going to hurt when the metal comes flying off the top of your head.

Cut them out of pvc pipe and paint as desired.

Drop a PM to member jayeffu. He was making rings for goggles at one point, and might have some.