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carbon fiber felt, carbon fiber matting Answered

seeking a source for remnants carbon fiber felt, will use as combination wind screen chimney internal liner to prevent loss of heat to the environment can use piece sized 4 x 24 inches-minimum. thickness 5 mm, 7mm or better if possible. carbon fiber is usually sold by the sq. yd./meter- i know that carbon fiber felt exists but can't seem to locate same, free or cheap is best, thats why i'm looking for remnant material. thanking you for your help big al


Carbon felt is emphatically not what you want for insulation in Air !! I use it in my ultra hot measurement systems, and I have to go to extreme lengths to exclude any oxygen.

We have to purge the instrument down to less than 0.01% oxygen, before we even think of turning on the system.

Even then, we see degradation of the insulation in days or weeks. We should really be vacuum chambering the stuff, and sucking all the air out.

Rock wool is good for this kind of thing though.


what about kevlar fiber?

Insulating your chimney will just ensure the hot gas gets out of it into the environment more easily. You'd want the chimney to lose heat into the house surely? (Or I'm not sure where you want to put this stuff) L

---please see post under tag jet boil, or bushbuddy, or wood gas burner, 1st piece to insulate exterior of burner unit 2nd -to form wind screen, entrain makeup air to support combustion via venturi effect, w/out loss of heat to be delivered by 3rd -- forming a chimney around object to be heated, in this case, a small pot of water this is why my C.C.Felt requirements are for 4 x 20 inch pieces or smaller, after re-reading every thing i fear i'm still not clear, think in terms of the old kerosene lantern, the globe over the lit wick is referr'd to as the chimney and all so functions to entrain air and as a wind screen, hence its other name hurricane lantern thanking you for any further help you can give me big al p. s. i haven't figured out how to use tags to retreve any thing --big al goals are safe handling of hot burners, wind screens, pots,- also increased delivery of heat to object to be heated-all this to be done w/out greatly increasing weight or bulk

I saw some glass-fibre in a skip today - I think this may be an all-round better option for you? L

-thank you for not giving up on me,I my be forced to take carbon fiber Veil, wind it around itself, heat it in a steam sterilizer in a nitrogen atmosphere, and make Carbon Fiber FELT also called MATTING, but i,m hoping to safe myself several steps, esp. if i can get remnants again thanx big al

I might be missing something here, but what is the appeal of carbon-fibre? Does it make exceptionally-good insulation if you process it in this way? (Not aware) L

so you're wanting to make an insulated chimney for a camp stove...not for the chimney in your house right? i don't know if carbon fiber is what you're wanting....to my knowledge it's pretty brittle when heated and hard to pack ....MOST people use tin foil for making chimneys for camp stoves....you could (i would imagine) source some aluminized kevlar from "heat coats" (like those worn by people in metal working facilities) if you wanted some serious thermal refraction

--- c'flinger, thanx for your post, again, i feel that I've buried my wants w/in the message!
think sterno can, stand-off made of a small closed cylinder of hardware cloth-- (to allow room for the flame to bloom, and burn clean ) and a soup can, total height 10 or less---- not a camp stove

Carbon Fiber FELT feels like a baby blanket (i'm told)it's multi-directional,fiber lay out reduces shedding to a minimum, and i want to line it myself

in a perfect world in could use airofoam blue smoke but that is to fragile for use in the field thanx big al

Is regular fiberglass insulation a substitute for your carbon fiber felt? I've never really seen the stuff, maybe it has application in auto firewalls? If you need to reline your chimney, there are stainless steel ducts or you need to do some kind of masonary product probably done by a professional. Good luck.