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I recently acquired this old government case it looks waterproof and shock resistant and i was wondering what ideas you guys could think of for this thing, i dont want to throw it away because it looks very useful for something. this is a ZERO HALLIBURTON case


Let's make a mini-ble!

What you'll need:

  • Suit
  • That briefcase
  • Handcuffs
  • Bluetooth ear piece
  • Important documents
  • Business man in a suit

Step 1: Put on suit, and ear piece. Deposit documents in briefcase, hand cuff it to yourself.

Step 2: Follow the business man around for a while, occasionally putting your finger to your ear while looking around suspiciously.

I think it could work. Especially if the businessman had no idea who you are.

Make it emit ticking noises, walk around and look suspicious... Hehehe

Not very fun when you are arrested with the intent to cause public panic. Bah, cant remember the actual name of the charge, but that's what it basically comes down to. In NC you can get up to the same sentence as carrying a concealed weapon.

I wonder if my new computer would fit in there; it is handy come lunch time:

new computer.bmp

It is a picture of a Microwave, with a flat screen picture pasted in. The mechanism would not work (unless you like cooking your computer too), but the idea sure would be handy LOL

No that really is a real working computer put inside the microwave, The mircowaving magic parts have been removed and the power supply put in it's place.


Ah, ok....thank you for updating me on that one.

I'm working on one of these-

xtop 360.pngxtop 360 breakout board.png

The zero halliburton case is the type of briefcase that a presidential aide carries near the president at all times. Known as the Nuclear Football, it contains communications equipment to launch nuclear weapons.

foam and pads for a laptop cASE or a like travel case with your lappy,ds,phoe charger stuff like that

. I have one of those that I filled with foam and used for camera equipment. Actually my daughter has it (and the camera) now. . They are built from aircraft aluminum and very well made. I paid ~200$US (that included the foam) for mine in the early '80s. . Do not throw it away! If you don't want it, I will send you a pre-paid shipping box. If you know the combination, I'll even pay a few bucks for it. PM me if interested.

i do know the combination to it but i think i will keep it around for a while to see what i can do with it first, my dad actually picked it up from a site he used to work at and the company was throwing them away

. Well, I knew you wouldn't say yes if I didn't ask. ;) . I forgot the combo to mine once (over $1000 worth of camera/flash/filters/&c; inside!) and my daughter and I took turns going 000, 001, 002, &c.; The combo was 5xx! It is now a much lower number. LOL

Hmm, I am not familiar with the combos on these cases, but I know on my brief case or any of the luggage we have in the house (and one bike chain with a cylindrical combo lock on it) can be easily figured out with very little "persuasion" while spinning the tumblers. ;-)

. Tried all that. While it does appear to be the same type of mechanism, it's a better than average lock. I'm assuming the main difference is it's made to tolerances befitting a $200 & $478 (US) "ruggedized briefcase" instead of a $15 bike lock. There were some spring washers in there that I didn't understand (looked like they might do more than just keep the tumblers from rattling), may have been for anti-picking. . BTW, found out later that I hadn't actually forgotten the combo; the brat next door changed it. He wasn't allowed back in the house for a loooonnnnnggggg time. heehee

I tend to have the opposite problem, they open when they are not supposed to (getting out of the car, while it is raining, taking it off the table in the computer room at work, & etc. )

. I've never had that problem with my Z-H case - the latches are very sturdy and don't seem to catch on things that would pop them open. If I ever need another Al case, I'll buy another Z-H. Excellent product.

I can be very absent minded......90% of the time I forgot to close them *sigh*

lol, sounds like a fun weeks worth i had to do that once for a game console case

Just stand it somewhere conspicuous with a really loud ticking clock inside...

1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case.

2. Remove your laptop.

3. Boot it.

4. Make sure the person who won't leave you alone can see the screen.

5. Open your email client to this message.

6. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky.

7. Then hit this link. http://www.thecleverest.com/countdown.swf

I was reading that just as Casualty (BBC medical drama) was dealing with the immediate aftermath of a bus-bomb... ouch.

I'd love to have one like that ... Despite that, I have absolutly no idea about what i would use it for. Maybe an obsessive-compulsive disorder ???

Keep it in your house in a safe place with home documents, credit records, valuables, large amounts of cash.

Yeah, you won't be taking that on any airplanes though without it being emptied out LOL The one you show there looks like it sells for between $200 & $478 (US). What a COOL laptop case that would make !

. Not sure if it would be a problem at the gate (Al doesn't block x-rays well, but they are real picky at the gates nowadays), but it is a great case to go in cargo. Very tough and with just a little work is dust and moisture resistant. Mine has all sorts of baggage stickers on it.

Why would it be emptied out at the airports? could they not just scan through it, and wow thats a pretty steep price for a case

Aluminum won't completely block x-rays but it could make the image a bit cloudy. It looks a lot like an over-sized "gun case :-) They are "brand new" prices I quoted. I have seen these cases adapted for laptops (and sold specifically for that). Though that is a lot to spend on a laptop case.

oh ok, thanks for the info i didn't know aluminum like that could block some x-rays

Well, it is not so much "blocking", but has to do with densities: if you look at an x-ray of your chest for instance, you can seen various organs and such. The bones block it the best, and show up darker (x-rays films are like viewing photographic negatives). So, depending on the density of the aluminum case, or if more dense in some areas, the resulting picture may not be very clear. Emphasis on the "may not" part. :-)

That is insanely cool looking. You mod it to be an awesome cooler, perhaps. Or a mobile speaker. Or a neat toolbox... lots of things!

thanks for the ideas, its also not too heavy because its aluminum