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ceder cladding to timber frame extension, how to fix without it been seen ? Answered

i would appreciate any help we are doing a wrap around ceder clad extension onto a timber frame. The architects have spec'ed 2x1 cedar vertically and then 2x2 cedar alternate throughout. so you get the pattern 2x1 2x2 2x1 2x2. also for shrinkage and expansion what would you guys advise gap between each piece. all help much appreciated.



3 years ago

I would use galvanized finish nails, and fill the nail hole with an appropriate color non-drying wood putty. Use 8d box finish nails for the 1 inch material and 16d box finish nails for the two inch material. If you're going to use a nail gun, use 15 gauge galvanized nails long enough to penetrate the full thickness of the cedar board plus the underlying batten.

ceder clad detail

ceder clad detail.png

Pictures and diagrams would be helpful.