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cellphone signal blocker by dealextreme. settings for canadian networks like rogers/fido.? Answered

can some one help me out . i just got my cellphone jammer (blocker) purhcase from dealextreme. when it came its not blocking the signal of my cellphone or anyother unless u are very close to it like right infront of it. after 2 feet it just don't block. so i read the guide how to change the settings by opening the case of it. but the settings are shown for att and other usa networks . i am in canada and i need for fido/rogers settings please help me thanks.


hi, you may want to check the settings for the area, if you can't figure it out, i suggest bringing it to an expert. good thing the phone i bought at chinabuye did not have that same experience.

First off, do you understand the difference between the CDMA and GSM networks?

Fido and Rogers use the GSM network, so if you're having problems it might be that you have a CDMA signal-blocker. If that's the case, it'll work against Telus, Bell, Virgin, and a few others... and it should work without tweaking.

If it IS a GSM device, visit here to find out the frequencies required. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSM_frequency_ranges

Note that you need to block both of the 850 and 1900 ranges. Both frequencies are active in most urban areas, and your phone will use whichever one is available. Your device may be only built to block one or the other. In which case, you got ripped off.

Another problem you may be having is power. Does your gadget actually have the input and output power to affect any kind of sizable area? A few of the ones that I've seen only had a 10-meter radius of affected area. Those were powered by a rather large wall-wart.

Now, I'll say my piece. First off, owning this thing is one thing, but turning it on is a crime. What possible reason could you have for having one?

hi i got this one from dealextreme. please some one help i know u answered few things but i don't know what u mean by setting the freequences there is a guide on instrutable site but thats for att/ other usa network settings there is no setting posted for fido/rogers network
http://www2.dealextreme.com:8080/details.dx/sku.4355 this is the link where i bought the cellphone blocker. and

https://www.instructables.com/id/Modifying-a-Cheap-Portable-Cellphone-Jammer/ this is the website that has the guide for this exact blocker how to tweak the settings but those settings are posted for usa carriers like att/ and other so thats where i need help. i hope some oen can help me here as i have heard there are lot of experts around this site who knows many things thanks.

Sorry, this is where I stop. I have no objection to your learning and understanding of the systems involved. In hacking spirit, I offered some general information to start you off, but I'm not going to hold your hand on this one. I'll point out one more time that what you intend to do is illegal, and I will not assist you in it further for that reason. My apologies.

Thanks anyways as this is not fun for me . just a good intention for my sister to stop using her cellphone as she is misusing it totally and its out of my hand to stop her because she pay for by herself. i know other will say its her life and let her do what she want but as an older brother i do take the responsiblity and care about her. thats why i bought this item not unless like some people who just wanna have some fun in the malls to block some signals of people cellphone i don't even understand what fun that can bring you but anyways thanks. i will try some where else to find help.

Think about it for a minute. Suppose someone nearby needs to call an ambulance. Suppose an important call like a job opportunity gets missed. Disrupting service in any sized area is unethical for those reasons.

again guardian u are taking it in such a wrong way sir. this device is not even working 1 feet away i just needed this to work in just my home or even just close to my sister room is enough . so i don't get it that it will effect my neighbors or anything because this doesn't seem to have that much range. thats why i said i just need to adjust the setting enough which will help me and not disturbing anyone else.

Which one did you get? the cheap one only works for 1-2 meters.

...and north american carriers should use similar settings - phones work universally around here afaik.