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change ipod shuffle (2nd gen) colour Answered

I won a 2nd gen iPod Shuffle from an arcade game at the local movie theatre and I got a purple one. Since I'm so insecure with my sexuality (and I just plain don't like the colour) I'm wondering if there is a way to strip the paint (if it actually is paint) from it. I've looked into other options like the silicon and aluminum shuffle cases but they are kinda bulky.


ok no worries about the colour anymore. I went to the apple store and exchanged my winning purple ipod shuffle for a silver one, without too much of a hassle. I told them the truth -- I said I won the ipod at an arcade and I wanted to exchange it for a different colour. Luckily I re-packaged it all (since I did open it and fool around with it), and they returned it. At first they would do it, but I called the store beforehand to check if I could exchange it and they said I could as long as it wasn't open. If it was open, they would have to charge me a 10% restocking fee ($8). Anyhow... what can I do about the memory. Is there anyway to upgrade the memroy in a 2G ipod shuffle?

A. hahaha B. haha C. ha This is off topic but does anyone know if the memory in a 2G ipod shuffle can be replaced/upgrade with a larger amount? Does it use anything standard?


10 years ago

The purple color is because it is anodized aluminum, not paint. Read more about anodization here.

The only thing I could tell you is to take it apart, sand your whole iPod down, and try your luck at anodizing. If you do, please update us on how it turns out!

haha not a chance... that's way too advanced for me.

You can A. Cover it in duct tape B. Say it takes a real man to have a purple iPod or C. Sell it and get a different colour.

ok I found detailed instructions on how to disassemble a 2nd gen ipod shuffle here. What I do not ahve is a replacement housing


10 years ago

you can probably buy a new housing on the Internet

any idea where I could get a new housing?? and how to take it apart?