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chargeing bateries Answered

does anybody know how to charge a nihm battery extremely fast?


The Ultimate Charger Sometimes the most important issue is the lifetime of the batteries or the total lifetime cost of the system. In this case a microprocessor is in a good position to offer the ultimate charger because of our wide range in microprocessor controlled battery chargers and power supplies. Specs for the ultimate charger are: 1. Soft start. If the temperature is above 40 degrees C or below zero degrees C start with a C/10 charge. If the discharged battery voltage is less than 1.0 Volts/cell start with a C/10 charge. If the discharged battery voltage is above 1.29 V/cell start with a C/10 charge. 2. Option: if the discharged battery voltage is above 1.0 Volts/cell, discharge the battery to 1.0 V/cell then proceed to rapid charge. 3. Rapid charge at 1 C until the temperature reaches 45 degrees C, or the dT/dt indicates full charge. 4. After terminating the fast charge, slow charge at C/10 for 4 hours to ensure a full charge. 5. If the voltage climbs to 1.78 V/cell without otherwise terminating, terminate. 6. If the time on fast charge exceeds 1.5 hours without otherwise terminating, terminate the fast charge. 7. If the battery never reaches a condition where the fast charge starts time out the slow charge after 15 hours.


11 years ago

Yes, with a charger. And even then, you're damaging the cell a little every time.