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charging of super capacitors in KERS systems used in trikes? Answered

While breaking,the super capacitors gets fully charged instantaneously and discharges after some time to provide boost to the vehicle.How does this braking and charging of capacitors related?
In what way recovery of energy happens?


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The Skinnerz (author)2012-07-05

What you are looking for is regenerative braking. There is a motor somewhere in the drivetrain. When braking, it acts as a generator, converting the kinetic energy of the trike into electrical energy, which is stored in batteries or a very large capacitor bank. When accelerating, this energy is released through the motor.

Perhaps lithium batteries would be a better way to store the energy, as their voltage does not change much, and the efficiency of the system would be higher as capacitors loose half the energy you try to put in them.

I always thought the system used in F1 used a small flywheel at a very high (supersonic) speed to store the energy? Or has that only been replaced with batteries in the last couple of seasons?

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rickharris (author)The Skinnerz2012-07-06

Both mechanical and electrical systems are used in F1 - electrical is more common.

there are also hydraulic systems proposed but i don't know of anyone using them.

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rickharris (author)2012-07-05

i havn't seen any such system using super caps - They tend to eat energy for a short time - The F1 system charges a 60Kw battery pack in a few seconds.


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