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cheap easy pyro detonators!!!!! Answered

get some silicon diodes 3 for a 1.99 at radio shack or cheaper online tape one to a match and ad 6 to 12 volts to it and after a few seconds it will overload and get real hot! then it with ignite the match which will then ignite the visco fuse. original idea from jolly roger creator of anarchist's cookbook


This could work, as could using a bit of spring or constantan, just to tell you the anarchists cookbook is pretty much full of tripe, most of the processes and methods that they outline are both dangerous and mainly ineffective... plus if you're going to play with proper explosives you may wanna know what the hell you're doing, having been blown up before I don't recommend.. My suggestion start with smaller things like flashes and when experimenting with new explosives always use small amounts to find out what kind of power and characteristics you're getting. also no matter how much time you think you'll need to get out of blast radii add five seconds...

When you say "put 6-12 volts through it" I assume you mean in reverse of normal operation, in order to reach a temp. before "breakdown", right?

I would have to try that before actually believing the diode would ignite the match before breaking the circuit....

A light bulb filament would do it, but would be very fast....some nichrome wire would work though.

i cant get nichrome, this is an alternative btw rate if u like it