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cheap hammock stands Answered

i want to make a relatively small hammock stand no more than 6 to 7 feet in length for my dorm room. It should also be able to collapse easy for storage purposes. done any one have any plans that would allow me to do that? i was thinking about building it out of 1-11/4 PVC but that might be too flexible and break. ( i weigh around 170 lbs). thx guys


bolt together aluminum L brackets like whats used to build frames ofr DIY go-karts.

. PVC pipe? Electrical conduit?

im thinking about pvc pipe cause its easier to work with but if u have easier material to work with but stronger than pvc let me know. oh and cheaper the better

You could try some sort of aluminum stuff

Well you could grow trees in there and tie it to them

lol i wish i had that much room. My room mate and the college might have a little problem with two trees in my room

Or you could tie one end of the hammoct to a doorknob across the hall and then the other end to another doorknob. Tie it tightly, it hurts when it comes undone. Then again I only used a blanket and tied the corners together and hung it over the doorknobs...