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cheap ideas for a sand box? Answered

  i   have a   small yard , 2 boys , and  we   rent  so  nothing   t perement



Get a plastic "kiddie pool" at your local discount store, drill several 1/4" holes in the bottom for drainage, and fill with sand. Cover with a tarp when not in use to keep the local cats out.

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Get "silver sand" or the "proper" sandbox sand, or be prepared for a lot of clay stained clothing.  Most sand needs thorough washing before use.


Take a sturdy plastic seed tray and block the holes with hot glue.
Make a simple shelter out of a piece of plastic roofing sheet and 4 posts in a corner of your yard.  Fill the box with sharp sand or kitty litter you've got a cheap and cheerful sandbox.

Maybe I'm thinking more litter tray than sandbox, but a seed-tray is around 18" x 12".  It really depends how often you're going to clean it out. 
There might be an advantage in something small and tucked away in that all the other neighbourhood cats don't come and make use of it as well.

Lay out a square frame of bricks.

Lay a tarpaulin over the square, and tuck under the bricks.

Pour sand into middle of tarp.

Or nail/screw 4 2x6 boards in a square and use landscape fabric instead of tarp.  Landscape fabric drains better.

Use 2x10s and nail triangular pieces of wood to all four corners, to act as support and as small benches.

Empty a few bags of builder's sand in your living room...


8 years ago

A kiddie pool filled with sand.