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chronological order Answered

WHY don't the questions appear in chronological  order? you have to look back through the list to see if any new questions have been inserted - is this to do with moderation?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Steve and Kiteman are both correct -- for questions, forum topics, and Instructables (and even individual comments!). The Recent sorts all show reverse chronological order by date and time of publication (i.e., when the user pressed the Publish button).

Items which are caught by the filters remain invisible until released, but the code which generates the pages you see don't know that, and don't have access to a "release date" (I doubt that it's in the database at all, actually).

Er... I thought they were in chronological order, newest atop the pile?

Any with flagged wordings are held until a human checks them, then they are inserted in the original order.

So a question asked at 1100 that isn't checked until 1800 goes into the question stack at 1100 - even if another 10 questions were posted into the answer section. So a lot of the "orphan" questions weren't seen when they were submitted, and then got abandoned.


Ah - filtered questions need to go at the "top" of the pile.