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circuit to cut through plastic wrap Answered

I can use a tungsten filament and only a 9v battery.i need the circuit to generate enough heat so as to cut through a plastic wrap.


As this is school work Ill give a general answer:

1. How hot does the wire need to get? i.e. the melting point of plastic wrap.

2. What sort of resistance wire is available ( I choose the term carefully for a reason)

3. What sort of voltage/current will the wire need to pass to get as hot as you require - see 1.

4. How long will a particular type of battery last - eg AA cells, 9 volt PP3, car battery.

5. What sort of safety issues are you going to meet. eg how much voltage and or current is dangerous to human life. What about fumes from melting plastic, What about an open hot wire. What about setting fire to something. What about melted plastic getting on your hands.

Thank you very much.
Your answer was very thoughtful.

Short the filament between the contacts of the battery and your done. If it doesn't get hot enough then shorten the filament length till your getting the heat you need. Just don't leave it on the batter too long of the battery will blow.

Thank you...what u mentioned was also my first answer but my teacher wants me create an entire ciruit with resistors and capacitor.

FYI, a power source and a load is a circuit. If your teacher is looking for more then add a switch to turn it off and on and throw a resistor in there to limit the current draw so the battery doesn't pop on you. Other than that there is no need to arbitrarily add components and over complicate things.


5 years ago

Nix the 9V battery, it's the weakest power out there.
You will draw more current from four or six AA cells.