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collaboration help for a casio LCD tv-980 Answered

I am looking for ideas or collaboration help on my little casio tv soon it will not get tv any more as we will get dig tv. I do not want to hook it up to a box that is bigger than it is. It has an input plug its a RCA to mini stereo plug the 1/8" plug goes to the unit. Maybe a micro monitor for RRS feeds? or another cool toy to add to laptop?


If you can input an external devices such as DVD player. You could turn this into a small projector.

gat another one and make tv glasses (but the screen instead of putting lenses) then you need a lens to un-blurrify the image

What you would need in your tower is a video card that supports composite output [ebay]. Then you would need to take the innards of the tv and put them into 5 1/4" bay, making it look nice. Attatch a +5v to the tv to power it. ground too obviously. plug the tv into the video card and set your computer for 2 monitors. keep an rss program or something running on the small monitor., Viola!


9 years ago

i would suggest to keep it as a memory of the old television , "the good times"