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common ground to 8 separate led driver (possible?) Answered

Im about to wire my latest growlight , and it consists of 10pcs 10w chips,

they will be driven by each of their own 10w  drivers,

If i would wire as it normaly should be done , that would result in a lot of cable, and i have a long "stem" between the reflector and the
foot where i am hiding the drivers!

so then , i came up with the idea to wire all the led chips ground to a common wire , which i then split up in the foot  , to each of their own drivers.

would this be possible , or would the drivers go nuts,    their different colors involved so driver will put out different voltages

Had hoped to finish the project tomorow , so a yes or no is highly apreciated


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Josehf Murchison (author)2014-01-22

Yes the drivers only use the ground for reference and return.

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wonderful...thank you josehf

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kristerh (author)kristerh2014-01-22

hmmm... this led me to another question...

will there be something like 70~80w running trough this "common ground" wire ? or , is the power already used up by the led chips?

thinking of if i have to use heavy gauge wire to the ground ?

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As current goes what goes in comes out so make sure the ground will carry the current.

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