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component identification Answered

I am Trying to find the name of these types of connectors . Any information Would be help full. 
The first and second Pics are the Sew on Type DC / AC Power Cord Port ?  
The 3erd Pic is a different type of AC power Cord Port ?
The 4Th Pic is a 3.5MM Stereo / Headphone Jack Cord Port ? on the Top of the strap  With Sound , Play Pause , Skip Back Buttons . Under the Fabric ?  

Any information on How one can Get these types of connector would be vary help full. 
I am planning on making a few different types of Projects ,
I need all the different Types of the connectors , 
When it comes to the stereo Buttons,
Can one use the Sew on type of computer chips ?  like the type used with Conductive Thread ? 
Or is their a Better Way to accomplish the same goal ?

Thanks for your Time ,   


Male and Female Barrel Jacks

The male jacks go into the female jacks, this is important if you want to get the right ones.

You can buy them at any Radio Shack or electronics store, Just Google "Male Barrel Jack or Female Barrel Jack.

From your picks it looks like you may need short extension cables like these.


With some makers the color of the tip denotes the size.

There are Radio Shack or electronics stores where you live ?

The Canadian division of Radio Shack is called The Source but yes I have to go to the town next to mine.

Our RS is mostly a phone accessory speaker cables shack. No kits, no solder paste, no booklets, no lots of stuff... China has more & better stuff...

Reno it is the international airport and jumping off place for Burningman.

Thank's Mouser source for the tip... I have a personal supply of electronics that out does RS... Just lamenting the Brick and Mortar era...

Happy Easter...

Those are DC barrel jacks and sockets, you can find them for cheap on Ebay from the Chinese sellers, the one you have are not that different, they are just molded in plastic, use a caliper to know the inner and outer diameters and you can order in confidence the connectors you will need

Yes That is what I need . The jacks are pushed into the sew on plastic Mold . I can not seem to find the sew on molds. my plan is to make something that needs the port sewed on . not a hole with a wire coming out of it . i need to sew this mold onto a fabric so that i can plug a wire to it and get power on the other side . just like what one sees in the pictures .

You won't find the exact same connectors but standard barrel jacks are available quite cheaply on the internet (Ebay for instance)




you need to know the internal and external diameters and the length of your connector to get the right thing, you may also use hot glue to encapsulate your connector with the cable so that it becomes waterproof...

Those sew on jacks are probably custom notions made for the garment maker. You could form your own embedded jacks out of sugru, thermoplastic beads, epoxy putty and some sewable fabric/leather frame to bolt it down. Good luck.