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computer hard disk or gender matter of what? Answered




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Uh.... thank you, enjoy your meal.


Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Internal or external and would it bee or a lion ?

Baldwin rolls a six and molex soon adapts his behaviour

Son I am dissapoint.


Your keywords are cryptic too, 's ady'.

help us out here. Think like jeopardy. Please state your response in the form of a question.

Which leads to another thought. MS had to use the im a pc campaign. What guy would want to be know as micro-soft.

Floppy Disk has been my chat handle for the last 14 years. At first it was literal, then it got the joke rolling, and the name stuck...

So tell me floppy, do you ever have moments when you accidentally switch some letters?

Maybe it's a cryptic crossword clue?

This one's new.... If this is cryptic I'll list all possible combinations:
 (8 raised to the 8th power is the amount of combinations there are)

1) What computer hard disk or gender matter of?
2) What gender or matter of computer hard disk? (lol, this one's weird)

It's as if this question uses substitution (replace words with other words):

1) What is the gender of a computer hard disk?


It appears that the "what" is intended to throw us off the actual message.... This one's hard to crack... How in the world did lemonie crack it?!?!

So did lemonie know the answer or was that just as random as it looks?

I think the answer is no, all hard drives have the same gender. there are however different methods of connecting. but as said far to cryptic for a question.

The, uh, gender of a computer disk? Like the connections to the drives? Err, as far as I know, most INTERNAL disk drives have female connections, external ones such as flash drives or portable hard drives are ultimately male in nature.

Am I anywhere near in my interpretation?

I was wondering whether it was connector gender (which I think you're backward on, actually -- the cables are female), or which gender they're assigned in a particular language (which depends on the language, and generally has absolutely no good reason for one choice or the other), or if gender was a mistranslation (which seemed most likely).

Given the keywords, I suspect this wasn't _intended_ to make any sense. In that case, colorless green ideas sleep furiously because both its legs are the same.

I think this one makes it on the list of top funniest hilarious questions asked.

Suggestion: Try writing the question in your native language and using one of the translation tools such as Babelfish to convert it to English.