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computer keyboard modification ? Answered

Is there a way i can take a keystroke from a pc keyboard and have it latch and then unlatch with the same keystroke, i am building a project for my gaming rig and i have already built the control box which runs from a key module ( see pic ) but what i need now is to be able to hit one of the control points and have a led or small glob ( perf led ) to come on and then off with the same control point.

ok so in the pic i have the keyboard module which i have connected switches and buttons too for the control box

what i need now is to be able to see if said controls are on or off by way of a LED which would have to be a separate piece of gear as i think i might have problems with windows if i go hooking any other components to the module

ok so in the second pic you can see some of the controls

i hope thats makes sense i did not know how to word it i love to build little projects like this.

im happy to give more info if need and i look forward to your reply

thanks in advance


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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-01-26

You likely need a microcontroller to do this project. This would be a question better suited for the Arduino class.

In my mind, the easiest thing to do would be to have the Arduino act as a keyboard, and then connect your switches to the Arduino. It can then control all the feedback outputs you want.

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