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computer power on/off button broken ,cant turn on comp. what can i do? Answered


If you have a reset switch on your computers case then you can connect the reset button wires to your power button headers on your motherboard. Then you can turn on your computer with the reset button. But you won't have a reset button anymore.

Or for a quick fix you could unplug it from the wall (while it is off), and then plug it back in.  This might work, because if you have the "turn computer on after power outage" setting on then it will turn on.  This works with my arcade machine I built, which is helpful cause I can't get to the power button on the computer.


8 years ago

The power switch on the front of the case is just a momentary contact switch. The mobo always has a little bit of power, and pushing the contact switch simply completes a circuit that signals the power supply to start supplying power to the system.
Open the case and trace the wires to the on/off switch, and short across those two wires. The system should come to life.
Get yourself a momentary switch (it doesn't have to be an OEM switch) and install it in a convenient place on your PC case, re-route the two wires to that switch and your problem should be cured.

I'm not sure, to what extent the damage is (i.e. plastic part or electrical switch) however, If it the plastic button...try entering "jb weld" into the search engine of instrutables. then look for the one entitled "jb weld casting". I have tried this method with great success. Good Luck !

I took a common microswitch and connected the power on wires to it. I Attached the switch to the m/b via the 2 pin connector and through the small space in front of the case hid the new switch just under the front case panel. It worked fine for me. Just be careful not to break the new switch. You will have to determine your PIN setup by downloading your motherboard manual.


 Some computers have a power on switch  that snaps into palace on the chasis.
If a tab on the switch breaks, then the switch will get pushed back into the pc
and it wil be impossible to  turn it on.
Unplug  the pc.
 Take the cover off and veify that the switch is properly positioned.
If  it looks unseated you can try reseating it . You may be able to glue it back into position if it's  boken.
Also check the pc cover itself when you take it off. The switch on the chasis may be good, but if the power switch actuator  button on the cover is broken or mis-aligned, the unit may not turn on.

THat switch is a momentary close switch.  It turns on an electronic switch.  You can replace it with a switch you get at RS.  Just look for a momentary on.