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concentrating fish oils? Answered

Is there a way to concentrate fish oils? or even an effective way to "harvest" fish oil?



raccoon lure. (not health lol) i would use the fishoil tablets but they dont(most of the time) reek of fish oil. thats what i need, something really stinky

I'd just try something shiny.

hmmm good idea... i was thinking canned fish and cheap catfood.

When you do get a raccoon, I'm sure you could get a few of the glands from it. Deer have tarcel (I know I didn't spell that right) glands on their legs; raccoons might also. Careful not the puncture the gland while cutting it out, it can smell pretty putrid. You could also try (even though I personally wouldn't) to get some certain "special fluids".

lol, i was planning on doing that once i get the coon(if i do...) ((not the special fluids...)) but i wont be trapping anytime soon, hurt my shoulder wrestling and now i can lift/push/press anything with it. it can only support its own weight, barely

I dunno, but there's fish oil tablets thats suppose to be good for you.