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connect android with arduino via wifi ? Answered

hello can anyone help  i need t create small project 
the project is an application on android mobile that can turn on or of led in arduino uno 
i have bought arduino uno an arduino uno ethernet shield 
so i need to know how to create wifi connection between them 
in code please 


Not sure but a cheaper and easier way to do this is with bluetooth, assuming you are within range when running the app.

Arduino.cc is the go to place for everything arduino. Go to the learning tab and look through the various functions in the Ethernet library.

do you have to control it using an application?
why not control it through a webpage

thanks guys for replaying
i really like the ideas but its work things so i just need to know how to work with
wifi in android this is the idea of the project to send data through lan via wifi from android device to specific ip or mac address in net work

The Ethernet shield does not have wifi so the arduino will need to be either hardwired to the router or yo uwill have to get a wireless kit, i think a company called Xbee makes one. Like I said before, head over to www.arduino.cc and look in the learning section and you can see examples of all the Ethernet libraries commands.

its ok i will connect it to wireless router and connect the android device to it via wifi
or can i create the website in arduino and create app depend on that website

You have to control the Bluetooth with an app (there are several free ones available for android) or through a program on your computer. You can also use the MIT App Inventor to easily make a simple app for android to control Bluetooth.

If you use the Ethernet shield then you should be able to control it with a webpage. I've never done this so I can't comment on ease or feasibility.

The choice between the two depends on application, something near field, like unlocking a door, running a garage door, controlling house lights is perfect for Bluetooth because most of the time you are at the location when you are using them. Wifi is good for remote monitoring, like security systems, adjusting your furnace, etc.