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contest entries ideas? Answered

I saw many contests on this site but coudent find ideas for them so ideas for contests like the spy , robot, remote control,green tech challenges are apritiated

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mpilchfamily (author)2012-06-01

You haven't mentioned what your skill sets are. We can throw all sorts of interesting ideas at you that are beyond our abilities but they may be beyond yours as well. I'm pretty sure thats all the suggestions you'll get. If it's not beyond a person's abilities then they could be entering the contest with the idea.

So at the very least tell us what your interested in, what are you able to do.

But here are a few ideas for you that i haven't seen entered yet.

Grapple Launcher
Quadrocopter/ROV with video camera that relays the video to a screen on the controller.
GPS tracking bug

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bwrussell (author)mpilchfamily2012-06-01

+1 but I would give up my ideas to you if you'd give up your prizes to me. Besides where's the satisfaction in winning a contest with something you didn't think up or at least design yourself?

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canucksgirl (author)mpilchfamily2012-06-01


I agree. If we can do it ourselves, we won't necessarily give up the idea...

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