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contest judging? Answered

when it comes to the contests how does the judging work? do the people like me vote on the entries? or is it admin people from the instructables website?



The general membership votes on all entries (there is a vote button on each entry, or you can go to the contest page and see all entries, plus vote buttons).

That voting selects the finalists, and then a team picked by HQ goes through the finalists in more detail to select winners and runners-up. The final judging sometimes involves representatives of sponsoring companies.

I won a contest (Photo editing) as a runner up, but I haven't been notified yet. Is there something I need to do to claim my prize?

You should have had a PM or an email about it.

If you haven't had it by the end of Monday, then send a PM to Randofo or Scoochmaroo.

Can't get a better answer and explanation than what Kiteman said