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contra sweater Answered

I would like to know if theres someone skilled enough to make this, the photo looks like made with photoshop but I would like to have a real one.


If you're looking for a start, go here:


thanks but I dont think I can make it my self good enough because it would be my first , I will probably just search for some good local knitter and order it, I want it to be good quality because It will be a chrismas present.

Good idea. If you're looking for someone to make something for you, I would suggest looking on etsy.com. They used to have a feature where you could request projects from people, instead of just the shops.

They've done away with that feature now, but I have had success with requesting certain projects from people. You could find a reputable maker, and send them an email. Etsy usually doesn't come cheap though.

up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,select,start - Your sweater has 30 lives!

It's amazing how the brain can store a cheat code for 20+ years but I can't remember my anniversary :D

My first thought was Contra? As in Iran-Contra Affair? I'm gettin' old.


6 years ago

That would be awesome!

Get rid of the generic pattern along arms and shoulders, however.