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controll a stepper motor Answered

can you controll a stepper motor with push switches no circuit?

i need a 12v motor with pllanty of speed  torque for a diy cnc but i want to controll it manualy with a joystick made with push switched can i just apply power to a stepper motor like a hobby 12v dc motor and run it without a circuit?


You need a simple microcontroller (picaxe, Stamp) and a darlington array. You could easily joystick control a stepper like that.

cool thanks for the reply sounds cheap and easy. could you give a bit more info on how to do it? i want to drive 3 motors 1 at a time both directions with the joystick.

This isn't something I can just quickly and simply explain. You need to program a microcontroller, and learn how to drive the stepper motors, and interface the joystick, using appropriate commands. You're going to have to do some learning on this one, there's no quick and easy.


6 years ago

The stepper motor rotor is total different from the DC motors you know.
A stepper has at least two stator windings that must energize in a STEP
sequence and reverse very rapidly.  
One revolution is many STEPS  of each of the two or 4 coils.
Look at the right side of this page to learn more..


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