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cool handmade schpeglar bracelets Answered

A few bracelets that I designed and made recently.Mostly made of leather,although I do like to incorporate other materials into the design


Thanks, you can check out the rest of them on my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Schpeglar

Very nice.it looks really cool on wrist.i think this is very good thing that can help in earning money.


5 years ago

Very nice. Have you posted an Instructible for it?

not this one,but I did post an instructable for a different one

As far as I can see, that's a forum post, not an Instructable, and it doesn't contain any instructions.
To create an actual Intructable, you need to go to the 'Create' button in the navigation bar and choose one of the three options there.

sorry,wrong link,this is the right one


Please do not create a separate Forum Topic for every bracelet that you have made. If you would like to share them in the forums, please do so in ONE topic page only; or post separate Instructables for each with detailed information on how to make them.

You can delete the other topics through "Author Options".

I don`t understand what you are trying to say.not every post is on this site is an instructable

That's true, however your forum topics are all about bracelets you have made, and have been published one after another. The rules in the forums does not forbid you from posting, but when you create multiple topics about more or less the same thing, you risk having them considered "spamming" (and could be removed). So in order to avoid that, add the photos from your other topics into ONE forum topic and then remove the other topics yourself.

I think that my work is appropriate for multiple categories presented on this site.
So if I put my bracelets under one forum topic,which would you prefer,CRAFTS?

That's entirely up to you. I see that you posted to Art, Crafts, For Sale and the Community Blog. If they are all for sale, then under "For Sale" would make the most sense, otherwise "Crafts" would probably get you more attention.

BTW, I do think they are rather nice. I just didn't want you to run into any problems with the multiple posts. :-)

Thank you for your advice and looking after,I do appreciate it.I deleted the post in ART,the blog post remains as it is actually an istructable.So does the post in crafts and for sale.well for now at least.Thanks again,surely in time I will learn about the site and do things properly :) I see you have got quite a few instructables,I will be sure to check them out