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cooling water mister fabrication, with hand pump, for carry or backpack use? Answered

i noticed that there are a lot more part suppliers for mister type cooling systems. i am thinking of fabricating one . i was thinking of using the same parts used in the air zound bicycle air horn. i could use a small bike pump and schrader valve to turn a 2 liter soda bottle into the pressure chamber , i think i would have to wrap it in gorilla tape for the added pressure.. i am not sure if i could also put water into it.  i did a search and didn't  see any instructables on building cooling misting systems.any ideas?

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icengBest Answer (author)2011-06-08

I have such a cooling mister with a strap attachment to carry it along,
a built in hand air pump, a small valve and a microphone like clip to
position the spray orifice for best cooling affect.

You don't fill it, all with water, leave a little air to hand pump pressurize and
the submerged flexible plastic tube then delivers water under air pressure
to the little brass atomizer .

Works very well on a hot summer day at a Nevada rodeo !    A

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escapefromyonkers (author)2011-06-30

there is no comparison between a fine cool mist and a shower head in the facr. However if all you have id as shower head or sink/water fountain, that will also work wonders as you submerge your head.
the new mister i have is the same plastic material of a hard plastic water bottle, maybe that BPA stuff, i didn't check. it has a built-in pump , with a gauge reminds ne of a mini bike pump or more like an espresso maker for one cup, it gets up to around 100psi.
i should call the suppliers because there are many types of nozzle heads.
i think when i mount this on my bike , as long as i have extension hose and the clip , i will ne able to stat out in the heat. i have e medical side effect whereas the heat destroys me, so i have to really think ahead, i just got some more of those ice vest inserts, i hope these are better than the phase change type , since they only got as cold as 55 F, and i need colder on 90f plus days.
i thought i saw an instructable or someplace on the web where it had the ingredients of the phase change solution, so you could make it for 20% of what they charged you.. it gets heavy though, and after 2 hours it is dead weight.=makes you hotter , unless you utilize the freezer section in supermarket. . tonight was wonderful and as i tried to figure out the astronomy apps on my itouch, i thought about changing ny scdedule and hobbies, to astronomy on a cool summer night
thanks all

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RedneckEngineer (author)2011-06-09

Keep it simple. Connect your mister nozzle thru the lid of a 2Lt bottle to a straw/tube that goes to the bottom of the bottle. Fill with water, screw on cap, squezzeeee and you got mist on demand.

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orksecurity (author)2011-06-08

Of course you could just use a squeeze-style squirt bottle set to mist. Get a clean one, to avoid getting residue of previous contents in your eyes.

Or just dump part of your canteen over your shirt.

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iceng (author)orksecurity2011-06-08

That is true, 
But having a personal mister is a refreshing epidermal pleasure worthy
of a King's dalliance.

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The Skinnerz (author)2011-06-08

A pressurised drinks bottle is probably the best thing to use, if you bond the valve into the lid, and an output hose into the bottom. No need to reinforce the bottle, as long as you use a sensible pressure (it is quite amazing how much pressure they can take).

For a nossle, you might be able to connect it straight to the head of a spray bottle, like the ones window cleaner, weed killer, and other cleaning products come in. In fact, you could probably mod the piston in the sprayer to work as a valve.

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