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could anyone tell me what i coud use to seal my etched glass and slate without it losing the whiteness please thanks? Answered

im sure i read somewhere that stone sealant ?? what ever that is would do but i cant remember where i saw it,im engraving a huge piece of welsh stone slate and when its cleaned it loses its etched bits and i really wanted to keep away from painting in the engraved bits as i like the very o naturelle look thanks :)



Best Answer 7 years ago

Your problem is that any type sealer will alter the light refracting properties of the etched design. The etching causes millions of microscopic chips, ridges and jagged edges, which all have different light reflecting properties than the smoother surface of the slate.
When you apply a sealer it fills in the spaces between all those chips, ridges and edges, thus losing most of the refractive properties it had before sealing. To keep the etching visible, your best bets are to either fill in the etching with a material of contrasting color or leave it natural.

Glass should only need the occasional wash.

Also a good point. I have etched wineglasses and so on which get used and washed normally (with just a bit of care) and show no sign of damage.

I'd suggest putting it behind a sheet of glazing to protect it. Picture frame with glass or plastic front.