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could you turn a pair of wellington boots into some awesome hiking boots? Answered

I've been thinking about this all day, and have even doodled a few ideas down. if you were to say cut the front of the wellys open, cover the boots in a canvas like material through which the laces would flow, made a tongue out of some sort of rubber stuff, maybe lined them with something nice an soft, i was thinking felt, and maybe even add a few extra straps, and finally some kind of water proofing layer over the canvas so as to keep the boots watertight...could it work?


Possibly the design needs are:

A good fit round the foot/Ankle
Water proof
A heavily cleated sole
The ability to breath so your feet don't get sweaty or you will get blisters (This is perhaps where the welli falls down.

Worth some experimentation. Report back!

You might be able to make a unique pair of shoes for walking around town, but not for actual off-road hiking.


7 years ago

Doubtful, unless you are a skilled leather craftsman. Good hiking boots should have laces up at the ankle so they can be tightened to provide support. The uppers should be made of leather and/or a heavy duty fabric with a good, breathable liner such as Gore-Tex.

I couldn't. If you can figure out a way to make it work, go for it...