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counter surveillance Answered

how can one hide the location of a mobile phone in order to avoid being tracked or surveillanced?


Wrap it in several layers of lead foil.

Eat the sim card.

Dip it in concentrated hexaflouric acid.

Travel out of town - large rural cells reduce the chance of finding you.

Kill yourself, and stipulate in your will that the phone be buried with you.

Move into a nuclear bunker.

Encase your entire home in copper mesh, forming a habitable Faraday cage.

Or, maybe, you just try switching it off...

That phrase "habitable Faraday cage"  makes me think:  Faraday would be a really good name for a hamster, or a rat, or even a parakeet, just as long as that animal is normally kept in a metal cage.
I dunno.  Is that a joke that works, or is it too erudite?  Probably no worse than a dog named Pavlov, or a cat named Schrodinger.   Maybe this comment belongs in the Pets forum.  Sorry for straying off topic.

Some phones you still have to take the battery out... but you had some good ideas! ;)

I would suggest purchasing one of the "disposable pay as you go phones".

They're very popular for terrorists who don't want their locations to be discovered.

take the battery out.