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desk top tesla coil?

has anyone evor made a desk top teslacoil or one thats powerd by a 9volt batery with a DC AC converter?

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David97 (author)2012-01-30

A 9volt battery wont have the curent you need. You can get step up transfourmers but the batery wont supply enough amps and if you were to try you could explode the battery or at the least things will get verry verry hot. Sorry but this is not possiable.

The MadScientist (author)2011-06-14

Not quite a 9V battery but yes. You don't need to convert to AC pulsed DC will work.

AndyGadget (author)2011-06-13

Tesla coils require a lot of current in the primary to generate the high voltage in the secondary.  A 9V battery just isn't up to it. 

iceng (author)AndyGadget2011-06-13